In this list, we’re covering 10 of Ed Banger Records’ tracks that don’t get as much love as some of the other tracks on the label do. So you won’t be seeing any ‘Baby I’m Yours’ or ‘D.A.N.C.E.’s in this list.

What’s your favorite underrated Ed Banger track? Let us know!

Boston Bun – Levitate

Boston Bun’s first additions to the Ed Banger label were low-key, but sweet. He managed to score success with his tracks ‘Housecall‘ and ‘Flasher‘ in the end, garnering him a lot of love with the label’s fans.

‘Levitate’ is the B-side off his ‘Just For Freaks Vol.1’ EP, but personally this feels more like an A-side extravaganza.

The “float-y” atmosphere that the track gives off and the emotional synths make this one of the hottest tunes that the label put out back in 2015.

Justice – DVNO (Radio Edit)

The Radio Edit of ‘DVNO’ is far superior to the track found on Justice’s self titled album.

Why is this you may ask?

You see, the track’s tempo has been pushed a bit further compared to its album counterpart. After listening to this, you’ll really feel like the original is quite sluggish, almost.

Also, there’s a crazy breakdown section in the middle of the song that’s absent from the original tune.

Besides that, it’s just classic Justice through and through.

Riton – Lost My Mind (feat. Scrufizzer and Jay Norton)

Riton currently has over 5.6 million monthly listeners on Spotify and was once topping over 10 million back in 2019. Before he exploded into popularity, however, he had a string of releases on Ed Banger that were quite under the radar, but admired by a steady stream of fans.

‘Lost My Mind’ borders on the likes of UK Grime and a darker Techno track.

Ed Banger was definitely one to stray between different genres of music, recruiting 10lec6 to the label back in 2017 with their experimental takes on Electronic music, and Uffie, known simply for her indistinguishable style of Myspace Rap.

SebastiAn – Threnody

‘Threnody’ is probably one of SebastiAn’s greatest works.

In an earth-shattering 13 minutes, SebastiAn makes himself known with an absolutely pain-staking 11 minute buildup, before dropping into quite possibly some of the hardest Electro sounds we’ve ever heard.

This is something you need to listen to.

DJ Mehdi – TragicoMehdi

Before we lost DJ Mehdi in 2011, him and Busy P curated and mixed an exquisite compilation album for the label called ‘Let The Children Techno’.

It featured the likes of label mainstays such as Breakbot, Cassius, and Mr. Oizo, as well as other good friends of the label such as Gesaffelstein and Duke Dumont.

‘TragicoMehdi’ reignites the passion we have for Mehdi’s music. He was always a talented producer and this track shows off how he was seriously still in his prime before he passed away. Who knows what the musical landscape would have looked like if we still had Mehdi here with us.

Uffie feat. Pharrell Williams – ADD SUV (Carte Blanche HMV APC BTW mix)

Armand Van Helden’s remix of ‘ADD SUV‘ quite simply eclipsed most of the other remixes of this tune on the label.

Carte Blanche (aka Riton and DJ Mehdi), however, breathe a different sort of magic into this track, turning it into a high-octane House track.

It was never officially released on physicals, but it lives on as a bonus track on the Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans album that came out in 2010.

Feadz – Tokyo Drift Remix with Charli XCX

After Donald J. Trump was elected as the President of the United States in 2016, Feadz set out to release a mix-tape to take the bitter taste out of most peoples mouths.

Surprisingly, ‘The Post Truth Tape’ was extremely overlooked and includes some of Feadz’s best work.

The fourth track in particular, features Charli XCX at the helm of the track, providing lush vocals and an emotional output for the rest of the mix-tape.

Charli XCX would go on to work with Ed Banger later in the year, collaborating with Mr. Oizo on ‘Hand In The Fire‘.

Cassius – I <3 U So (Skream’s Made Zdar Feel Like He Was 20 Again Remix)

Skream’s remix of ‘I <3 U So’ is a rare sight, as it covers a genre of music that hasn’t really been featured on the label very much.

The Englishman went about by creating a Jungle remix of the famous tune, with sounds that will rock your world.

The original song was quite emotional already, but Skream’s takes it up a notch, cementing him as one of the best Electronic producers out there.

Laurent Garnier – Jacques In The Box

Laurent Garnier is known for being one of France’s best musical exports.

Starting off F Communications as a way to release his music to the masses, he soared to fame and became one of the hottest producers and DJs of all time.

‘Jacques In The Box’ sees Laurent explore some more of his complex tunes and create a coherent and rhythmic dance track that can be played literally everywhere.

Handbraekes – All Nite Long

When Boys Noize and Mr. Oizo team up on a song, you know it’s going to be a blast.

Originally releasing their last two EPs on Boysnoize Records, the two esteemed producers set out to release an EP on Ed Banger instead, bringing with them the classic wackiness they’re known for and some killer beats along with it.

Handbraekes ‘#3’ is mostly known for the track ‘Discow’, which uses a sample of Thomas Bangalter saying the word ‘Disco’ in an interview, but ‘All Nite Long’ is probably the better song on the EP.

It’s frantic and it’s not even unexpected, coming from both Boys Noize and Mr. Oizo.

This article was written and compiled by Louis Chant, you can follow him here.