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Alexandru Galetus, known as FIBRE, is " to revitalize the thrilling flavor of music that was popular 20 years ago." He's a Romanian music producer located in Washington, D.C. His influences include House acts such as Daft Punk, Justice, Sebastian, and disco acts such as Dynasty, Jeff Lorber, and Gavin Turek. FIBRE's style includes the French House / French Touch subgenre, Disco, and Pop. In addition to working with net labels such as Future Society, Stratford Ct. and Business Casual, he has released and promoted releases that have gathered millions of plays cross platform. He most notably got initial recognition through his involvement with Future Funk, a vaporwave subgenre, akin to plunderphonics. He was a co-manager of Future Society, a Future Funk collective alongside Aritus from 2015 - 2016. FIBRE is the owner of Montaime, a House / Disco label, founded in 2016.


Media Manager

Discoholic is a music group that creates disco-inspired songs with influences from other R&B genres. Think of them as a bartender of discoholic beverages that can satisfy your tastes. Whether you want to dance the night away, contemplate song meanings, or relax with some beautifully-crafted instrumentals—Discoholic can serve you. They aren’t afraid to have fun while making meaningful songs that put the party directly into your speakers. Originally a solo project, Discoholic has since expanded to include close friends with a drive to make music that’s just as enjoyable after the 300th play. They have collaborated with musicians such as FIBRE, Matthew Clanton, Tati, and other vocalists. Discoholic’s lyrical direction ranges from songs about falling for someone new in a club to deeply personal doubt. The group does it all while maintaining a rhythm and groove that is extremely dance-friendly and goes down smooth. Discoholic's debut album Illusion has enraptured some early fans, and their sophomore album is set to have even more meaningful, more danceable, and all-around more impressive music. The bar is open, would you like a drink?



nukumachi is a multi-genre producer based in New Hampshire, and has been involved with record labels such as Savona. His style originated from Electro and Dubstep, but later developed towards French House/French Electro. He’s well known for his Volume 1 track “valentine,” his Single Sessions track “lights out” and has released an EP with Savona in 2018.



VANTAGE is a well-known Future Funk and House producer, whose initial career began with the release of his highly acclaimed “Metro City” album. After the release, he went on to work on another EP and full length album, experimenting with a more original take on his initial Future Funk influences. He’s known for his collaborations with vocalist PHAUN, and has been a member of Future Society since it’s first surge in popularity during 2014.



If you’re a die-hard Disco or House fan, Mexico-based artist PROUX has managed to combine the best of both worlds. PROUX’s genius songwriting skills consist of punchy drum machine drums, microsamples, and heavy instrumental use. His first album “Back By Popular Demand” gathered a large following in the Future Funk community, although he claims that it was never his primary demographic. No matter his audience, PROUX and his project is distinct compared to other artists, due to his mysterious branding and graceful musical execution.



android52 has been not only a close friend of ours, but also a bit of an overnight sensation. He coined the term “Anime Groove” which consists of sample-based music created using sources from anime OSTs and other funk musicians. The style caught on to other Japanese influenced artists such as Moe Shop. android52 is also associated with Sailor Team, a sub-label of Neoncity Records which focuses on quality tape releases and world tours for its artists.



Portland-based artist Mondgomery manages to combine samples, instruments, and microsamples with grace. His style contains plenty of House and Indie influence, with a lot of his older work being heavily influenced by common Indie Rock and Synthwave practices. Mondgomery is a newer roster member, arriving just in time to land the first single for Montaime Volume 2.



SDR is a London-based, Nu-Disco producer who initially started on label “Éraflure,” under the alias Phenom. Being a close friend of Éraflure and Savona owner RobClemz, he met artists such as Gyrotron, Aesu, Vivace, and FIBRE by 2012. He later moved away from the Phenom project (mostly consisting of sample-based tracks) and began SDR, a more original and vocal oriented project. He’s known for his early involvement with Montaime, releasing his track “Want You Here” on Volume 1.



Boise-based DASH30 mixes harsh electro basses, funk samples, and minor chords to perfection. His music is highly reminiscent of 2007-era Justice, Uppermost, Carpenter Brut, and Danger. DASH30 is a newer roster member, and was featured as the second single for Montaime’s Volume 2 compilation.



UniBe@t is a California-based Future Funk producer who has worked with Future Society and other net labels. His style is established as the sought after, heavily processed Future Funk sound. After releasing a few albums and many singles with labels across the internet, UniBe@t’s upcoming takes on the genre will include R&B, hip hop and more compositional elements.

Isaac Galvez


Isaac Galvez is an artist best known for his involvement with Stratford Ct, a record label tied into many intermingling online scenes. Galvez’s style is synth and drum machine heavy, but is also reminiscent of French House and Ed Banger-style production. His most recent works include psychedelic jazz elements, including wobbly, reverb heavy synthwork and acoustic nuances.



Hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, Poetically forges sinister house music tempered by an uncanny pop sensibility. "Us", Poetically's latest release, wraps his trademark corrupted basslines and banging beats in a decidedly danceable package.

Doktor Plekter


Doktor Plekter is Norway’s funkiest synth enthusiast, armed with a PhD in Electro-Funk.
Although he has been producing music for less than half a decade, his musical roots in
Progressive rock & metal runs deep into his childhood. Plekter’s roots make their way into
his sound, which ranges from fast-paced and complex ("Kriminell", "Nokia"), to playful and
funky ("Axland '79"). His music takes a lot of inspiration from late ‘00s and bloghaus-era
music, with a distinct mission to keep the bloghaus sound alive with his newly created genre, “Prog-Disco”. He has a deep fascination with synthesizers, both digital and analog, and even utilizes self-created synthesizers in his work.