Here are 6 new tracks for you to soak up this week. What is your favourite song that we’ve chosen? Let us know!

Wherefore – Wishful Thinking (No Need)

Originally known as Nukumachi, Wherefore has established themselves as a driving force in the music scene, with a remix on Anjunabeats under their belt and a whole host of new music set to come out very soon.

When Wherefore played WAVEPOOL back in July, they teased collaborations with the likes of PHAUN, Nameless Warning and our very own DASH30.

‘Wishful Thinking (No Need)’ is a brand new release that sees Wherefore create a sophisticated and laid out beat with tantalising sample chops and more.

Moe Shop – Cerise

We love it when we see a new Moe Shop release pop up on our socials.

‘Cerise’ is a simply joyous experience to listen to. Moe Shop really did pull it out of the bag with this one.

When listening, make sure to keep a close ear to the absolutely radical key change near the end of the track. It’s elements like these that make Moe Shop one of the best artists around.

BarbWalters – Lovin’ You (feat. ev.exi)

A long awaited collaboration has finally come to fruition.

BarbWalters and ev.exi have teamed up on a simply magnificent piece of music that must be listened to by everyone.

The track in question samples Donna Allen’s ‘Serious‘, a track released in 1986 that tore up the dance floors back then. It’s safe to say that the BarbWalters and ev.exi version of the track will be tearing up the dance floors in 2020 also.

Hopefully, because of this coming together of two titans in the music scene has happened, we’ll see more content from the both of them.

Skylar Spence – ALIVE 2020

This isn’t really a separate song, but more of a longer-form art piece that none other than Skylar Spence, aka SAINT PEPSI has kindly put together in association with the repress of his ‘Hit Vibes’ album which gave his career the cataclysmic heights that we know today.

‘ALIVE 2020’, albeit a Daft Punk reference, is a 50 minute music bonanza with new original material and brand new remixes of his ‘Hit Vibes’ classics.

The mix is a free download, with the option to give money towards the artist himself on his Bandcamp, so make sure to pick it up!

Gupi & Fraxiom – Thos Moser (Camino 84’s Disco Bootleg)

One of Disco’s most eclectic artists from Boston, aka Camino 84 has just released an interesting bootleg of ‘Thos Moser’, a track that fits under the Hyperpop umbrella but has been amazingly converted into a Disco-type tune by the Boston-native.

It’s definitely worth a listen and maybe, who knows? Camino 84 might release a Hyperpop track at some point in his career…

Nanuq – Parc des Princes

Finally we have a laid-back tune from Nanuq, a musician well-versed in the realm of Nu Disco and House, hailing from the United States of America.

‘Parc des Princes’ exquisite rhythms and chilled atmosphere are perfect for rounding off that fantastic day you just had.

It’s a free download so make sure to get your copy and add it to your playlists.

This article was written by Louis Chant. You can follow him here.