We’re not gonna lie to you all… this was a hard one to narrow down.

The Phantom’s Revenge has been active in the French House scene for over 12 years now and he’s been consistently churning out solid tunes. Whether your favourite song of the Phantom’s could be his well-known tracks, such as ‘Charlie’ or ‘Mental Geller’, or even his lesser-known tracks such as ‘Sunset Waves‘ or ‘The Legendary Jackson Tiger‘, you cannot deny the sheer consistency of his musical rhetoric.

Clubber Lang

This is a certified Phantomâ„¢ classic. Named after the opponent Rocky Balboa has to fight in Rocky III, played by Mr. T himself, ‘Clubber Lang’ hits you with full force with its punchy kicks and trademark side chain that was prevalent in his older music.

It’s a thumbs up from us.

A Better Day

One of the Phantom’s strongest points was his ability to dice up and create something truly special with any sort of sample he could find. ‘A Better Day’ displays this talent with true finesse, ploughing through beat after beat, until that satisfying climax.

It’s also a free download on his SoundCloud, so make sure to get your copy to join in on the fun.

Killing Power

‘The Baseball Furies’ was a conceptual EP that the Phantom released on Teenage Riot Records back in 2013.

Suiting a lofi vibe, somewhat different from his go-to French House counterparts, he knocks it out of the park with tracks like ‘No More Human Pyramids‘ and ‘Caught Outside The Subway By The Baseball Furies‘.

‘Killing Power’ just blows us away. We weren’t able to find the precise sample for this one, but we know that the Phantom has a very good ear for what sounds the best. We’ll keep an eye out for that one.

Club Rotation 99

In the mid-2010s, the Phantom branched out to more club-sounding music, starting his DJ DVD RIP alias (which warrants an article of its own, really).

‘Club Rotation 99’ was the start of that era of music, sampling Damage’s ‘Love II Love‘ in a spectacular way, to say the least.

You really, really changed our lives, Phantom.

Jean Safari

‘Jean Safari’ became so popular, that even Skream had this track in his arsenal for live sets.

The track itself is probably known for being one of the Phantom’s hardest hitting tracks, directly transitioning into his DJ DVD RIP alias that would feature on the next MONSTART compilation after the one that this track featured in.

It’s bold and it’s naughty. It’s also a free download on the MONSTART Bandcamp, so put this belter in your sets.

Commercial Break #6

It’s a hot take. But ‘Commercial Break #6’ off the Phantom’s first ‘Commercial Breaks‘ album is his best.

Using an obscure USSR-era Jazz Funk sample from 1982 by the Pavel Ovsyannikov Ensemble, the Phantom manages to give us the “Slaps” and serves us up a hot and tasty treat for everyone to enjoy.

Mental Geller

We’re entering the realm of some of the Phantom’s greatest works now.

‘Mental Geller’ was probably one of his most critically acclaimed EPs. There’s no denying tracks such as ‘DJ BFF SLIDESHOW‘ and ‘What Am I Doing Wrong?‘ have cemented a permanent status in his discography as all time classics, but the title track itself just makes you feel “something”.

Skream and Dennis Ferrer dropped this tune in their Boiler Room set not too long ago and it pretty much sums up how we feel about one of the best songs he’s ever made.

Well not the greatest. We’re saving that for last.

For Those Who Come In Late

‘For Those Who Come In Late’ is the Phantom’s best classic track.

The pitched up vocals from LTD’s ‘Don’t Stop Loving Me Now‘ and the thumping drums and percussion make this track one to remember.

Macross 82-99 and Desired would both go on to use the sample that was sustained in the original French House track. It’s safe to say they were probably both inspired by this song.

Death by Chillwave

I think it’s time for a change.

‘Death by Chillwave’ was like something out of a movie. The sampling, the rhythms. It was heavenly.

Madeon even used this track in his first Ironing Board session and people went crazy for the ID. It’s worth noting that the version that he played in his set was an edit made specifically by Madeon and hasn’t been released or leaked to the public. But you can bask in the glory that is the original down below.

It’s also a free download!


Here it is.

There’s no debates here. ‘Charlie’ is the Phantom’s magnum opus.

The perfectly used It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia voice samples and catchy musical numbers round up to make quite possibly one of the greatest French House tracks to ever exist.

It’s been nearly 10 years since the release of this song and we’re still pumping it on our headphones and speakers to this day.

This article was written by Louis Chant. You can follow him here.