It’s our 5th iteration of the Best Tracks of the Week list and we’ve got some absolute stompers on here for you all to listen to. Let’s jump straight in shall we?

Happy Cola 赤ちゃん – Touge Run

Picture this. You’re in your souped up R32 Nissan Skyline with a huge ass body kit and spoiler and you’re drifting down the steep back roads of outer city Tokyo. You’re just behind the Toyota Supra in front but you need something to motivate you to get in front.

This is where ‘Touge Run’ comes into play…

Happy Cola 赤ちゃん brings his A-game with a fantastic new track that bends the boundaries of future funk and produces some great hard-hitting moments.

Whether or not you’re listening to this at home, or for some reason tearing up the roads of Japan in your Toyota AE86, this track deserves a spot on your playlist.

Mr. Moustache – Through The Night

Most notably known for his funky delights, Mr. Moustache turned his hand to Synthwave production just recently. His ‘Dreamworks’ EP consists of 3 solid tracks, but ‘Through The Night’ sticks out as one of his greater works.

Although technically classed as Synthwave, beams of Nu-disco and French House manage to cascade through the tracks’ tiny gaps, combining together to create something quite extraordinary.

Mall Grab – Believe (Festival Mix)

There just aren’t words to describe this almighty amalgamation of sounds and elements that Mall Grab has conjured up.

If the festival season was still going this year, this track would definitely be on most DJ’s set lists.

Give it a listen already.

R E M L A R Я – Solar

‘Solar’ is R E M L A R Я’s latest production, sporting dreamy synths and sophisticated chopping techniques.

The track is a cut off his next album called ‘Edges’, which he announced alongside the new single.

Have a listen below and see what you think R E M L A R Я’s return to the musical space:

acidente – Catwalk

There’s something about that lead synth in ‘Catwalk’ that we just can’t get enough of.

Featured on his ‘ok guy’ EP that came out just recently, acidente chalks up a superb tune full of energy and artistic prowess.

acidente also collaborated with Happy Cola 赤ちゃん on a track called ‘New Love’, which you can also listen to here.

The EP and all its songs are free to download on SoundCloud.

Lili Caseley – C’est La Vie (Louis La Roche ’37 Le Matin’ Mix)

Louis La Roche has put his spin on ‘C’est La Vie’, from Camden-based singer and songwriter, Lili Caseley.

It’s safe to say that Louis La Roche has changed up his sound over the years, but he’s still continued to retain that uniqueness to his production that has separated him from other producers.

This remix sees Louis take on an increased tempo and makes way for one of the most exciting remixes of the year.

This article was written by Louis Chant. You can follow him here.