In this new segment of the blog, we will be diving into some of the best tracks of the week that we’ve discovered, alongside some true favourites that released not long ago.

Vantage – Sunday Poolside

Unexpectedly, Vantage’s track “50//50” blew up on TikTok this week, garnering him millions of plays across all sorts of platforms and a whole host of new fans. To top it all off, he has just collaborated with the legendary Nervous Records to release a 2 track EP. “Sunday Poolside” is definitely the standout track out of the two, with a summery feel and something that will keep you happy, even in the darkest of times currently.

Mere – Draw The Line (Discoholic Remix)

Our very own Disco Man of the Hour, Discoholic, teamed up with PHAUN to deliver a stellar remix of Mere’s “Draw the Line” featuring Nameless Warning. The song itself is a tongue-in-cheek satirical advertisement for Red Bull’s diverse energy drink range, coming in with an also equally-as hilarious music video.

ConsciousThoughts – Ur On My Mind

Scottish producer, ConsciousThoughts, brings his A-game with this smooth and pristine French House track that will get you grooving. It’s also a free download, so make sure you get yourself a copy of the track.

DASH30 – Disbelief

Riding off the highs of his enigmatic and emotionally-driven EP, “Say It Again”, DASH30 delves back to his roots to create a sobering and energetic electro track that even Justice couldn’t even top. We’ve got an interview with DASH30 coming soon too, so stay tuned.

Tanglefoot – Loopsided

Relatively new to the scene, but also simultaneously kicking ass with their early 00s inspired electro music, Tanglefoot have started to quickly make a name for themselves with their bold and brash approach to their production. The latest project from the 2 boys from Hackney, London, called “Loopsided” sees them implement a whole host of samples and create something truly magical.

This article was written by Louis Chant, you can follow him here.

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